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Our team of mechanics take pride in their work to ensure that each vehicle that comes through our door leaves in the best condition. This is made possible as Livingston Autocare uses modern, high-tech equipment and the most reliable, trusted parts, not forgetting our highly trained staff. Aside from the categories stated below, Livingston Autocare completes all levels of services and repairs.

Tyre Fitting

Livingston Autocare can order and/or fit tyres for you right here at the garage. If you are unsure about the the right tyres for your car, our mechanics will gladly recommend the best tyres within your budget. They can also advise you on tread wear, tyre pressure, punctures, wheel pressures and fuel efficiency – ensuring you have the correct knowledge when it comes to safe and legal tyres and can pick up on warning signs when they are present. Winter tyres can also be ordered and original tyres can be swapped back around when the summer months approach.

Brake Repair

Brakes are an essential part of your standard MOT test. It is essential that they are fully functioning and perform effectively. Livingston Autocare will check all parts of your brakes, this includes your handbrake cable, brake fluid, brake discs, brake pads, brake pipes, braking power and your ABS (automatic braking system).  

Clutch Repair

The clutch is a vital part of your vehicle. Basically, it transmits the power from your engine to your tyres. Damage to it causes slipping, meaning your engine has to work harder. Not only does this mean you will have to pay more for fuel, but it can also damage your vehicle. Our mechanics will check your clutch, gearbox and electrical system to ensure everything is working perfectly.  

Battery Repair

It can be extremely inconvenient having to jump start your car, especially if it's every morning before work! Livingston Autocare will do a full check up if your battery is failing or if you think there just isn't enough power in your vehicle. Both the battery and the alternator will be checked to ensure it is charging properly and your car is running as it should.

Suspension Repair

Livingston Autocare offer many different suspension upgrades for all types of vehicles. Our technicians will ensure the most appropriate springs are installed on your vehicle and that your suspension is set up correctly.

Car Diagnostics

With our state of the art technology, our hard working professionals provide a full diagnostics service. This ensures that any faults in your vehicle are thoroughly investigated. Whether you have a warning light or want the reassurance that all is as it should be, Livingston Autocare can check your electrics, airbag, ABS and engine to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.

Car Exhaust Repair and Replacement

Your exhaust should be checked around every 10,000 miles to ensure it hasn’t split due to the weather or salt on the road. You can tell your exhuats needs checked when there a loud rattling noise, dark exhaust colour or a gas leaks. Cracks and corrosion can be repaired however sometimes the whole exhaust will need to be replaced. 

4 Wheel Laser Alignment
4 Wheel Computerised Laser Alignment

4 wheel laser alignment means your vehicle will work at its best, not to mention be safer and ensure your tyres last longer. This technology identifies what adjustments are necessary to optimise your vehicle's steering, handling and fuel consumption. Wheels that are not aligned precisely can cause uneven wear on your tyres.