BG Products


Save Money on Fuel

Carbon Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion. BG's high-quality chemistry safely removes deposits to restore fuel economy, saving you money.


Reduce Emissions

Deposits will form in only a few thousand miles. Annual preventative maintenance using BG Products will stop that decline and keep your engine running efficiently and producing less particulate matter.


Restore Performance

Deposits attach themselves to any part of the engine they come in contact with. This can include injectors, sensors and piston rings. BG removes deposits from these critical areas to restore missing power and performance.


Improve Vehicle Longevity

Standard car servicing simply can't remove the power and MPG-sapping deposits that accumulate in your engine. BG's advanced fuel system cleaners and Oil Conditioners help to keep your engine clean and running more efficiently, for longer.

DPF Cleaning

Aside from MOTs and Repair Services, Livingston Autocare also offer DPF Cleaning. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a small device that’s has been fitted to most diesel vehicles since 2009. It's designed to trap harmful particulates before they have a chance to escape into the atmosphere. The sooty particulates are then superheated and burned off during the DPF’s regeneration cycle. A DPF typically however needs the ideal conditions to complete its cleaning cycle - and if it doesn’t get these eventually clogs up and stops working. BG have proven DPF solutions. Annual preventative maintenance with BG Products' high quality chemistry will significantly reduce any deposit build-up, keep your engine running efficiently and produce less particulate matter. 

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